Compassion Amongst All Things

Every day, we are faced with so many frustrations, all of which drive us to dislike or even hate others. For doing something ‘stupid’ or (frequently to my frustration) ‘not doing something’. When do we acknowledge the value of people at their current state rather then holding them up to the unattainable expectations we place on ourselves? If we ourselves are not happy with where, who and why we are, what gives us the right to hold these expectations on others?

When I moved here, I quickly realized that I was facing not only a major culture shock but also lost compassion, from and for others. I felt that people didn’t realize how wonderful my life had been where I was and how dearly I would miss it, instead all I heard was how brave I was or more often, how bizarre I was to have even liked that lifestyle. In response, I criticized them for not understanding or being open to listening with an open mind or heart.

Over time, I began to hold on to that feeling and it slowly manifested into a form of hate. A kind that eats you up on the inside. Over time, I swung from rebel to leader in life, at work and amongst friends. In time I learned that I was one person trying to fight an ocean, a pointless battle. What I learned was to accept people as they are no matter how difficult and that trying to change anyone is not only selfish, controlling and morally wrong, it’s impossible.

I now love people for their fallacies first and their successes second. Though the hardest is not accepting others, it is accepting oneself.