Tailored Purpose

It is so important to take a break, recharge and reset. In today’s world, we are always challenging ourselves to do more and more in shorter days and extending ourselves farther than the Internet can stretch us. I myself often fall victim to the very idea that I have to keep going and keep doing.

I’ve pushed myself, and those around me, to the point of utter frustration and lost hope and friends. Now I hold regrets and wonder why I let them/myself go. The important thing that I can take away from the experience though is the need to gain perspective about what is uniquely important to me and craft a life that supports that purpose around it.

Without this inward approach, aren’t we setting ourselves up for a quarter life crisis not knowing how we fit in to this world? Resenting other’s because of their expectations and ourselves for our submissive approach to appease. There is an old saying ‘you can’t be everything to everyone’ and I used to wholeheartedly believe I simply had to be just that. Everything to Everyone.

Only recently, realizing the reality of where my life was and now is, feeling deprived and angry at ‘what could have been,’ am I taking a moment to confront my inner overachiever. If only I could have had this very conversation with my younger self barely five years ago, I feel like I would have been in a very different place today.