My Favorite Facial Tools

Facial cleansing brushes are essential to making sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed, and there are a variety of options to accommodate your skin type and your specific needs. I love facial tools because, to me, that means beautiful skin. Recently, I’ve been evaluating the difference between a manual facial brush, a Clarisonic Mia and the latest edition on the marketplace, a Foreo Luna. Here’s my quick thoughts on the tools below. I hope that this review helps you pick out the best facial tool for you whether your concerns are general face care, sensitive acne prone skin or cleansing aging skin.


Manual Facial Brush
Shiseido Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush

I love this brush. This brush is not made to attack your skin but to gently help apply cleansers to the skin, while reaching into all the pores. It’s not supposed to make miracles, it’s supposed to get a specific job done. (Plus, it’s great for travel – it lightweight and fits right into my travel case). It foams up my cleanser, it doesn’t miss a spot. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do – give you a clean face, slightly massaged. Because it can foam up the cleansers better than a washcloth can, I use less product. When I use my professional machine, it uses more.

Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic Mia1, 1 Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System, Electric Pink

Although I felt tempted to purchase Clarisonic’s Mia for a long time, I avoided it because I just couldn’t imagine that a rotating brush could be gentle on my skin. I was very impressed with the design of the charger. It has a magnet so that the Mia is waterproof. The brush head is very gentle on my skin. I love that the outer rim of bristles does not rotate and that it is there only to catch spatter from the inside spinning part. My face has felt much softer since I used the Mia, and the fine line across my forehead even looks less prominent. Also, I had a patch of dry skin that would not go away no matter what I did. After using the Mia a couple times, the dry patch disappeared. It helps to keep blemishes at bay, and evens out my skin tone. Also, I like that it has an automatic timer so that I do not over scrub my face. All my skincare and makeup apply so much better when I use the Mia brush. Having only one speed does not bother me at all. The size is just perfect to hold, and I would not want to handle the bigger Clarisonic. It allows my skincare to absorb into my skin beautifully, and it has not caused any adverse reactions on my skin.

Foreo Luna

The Foreo LUNA mini 2 does not tug or tear my face. I also did not find there was a “purging” stage with this product. There are 8 different settings on this device and I prefer to use one of the lowest settings. The deep vibrations definitely rid my face of makeup, dirt, and gunk. I use twice daily and it’s gentle, but highly effective. My skin is always so soft, glowing and clear. It’s very hygienic. After washing my face, I give the device a good rinse with antibacterial soap and it’s good to go for next use. Be sure to rinse it off after makeup or the foundation could stain it (I have the lightpearl pink color). I use the firmer bristles once weekly for a deep exfoliation. The battery lasts forever. I mean, forever. I charge mine monthly so it can work at maximum capacity. It gives off a pause at 15 second intervals, which alerts you to move to the next area of your face. I do cheek-cheek-nose/chin and then forehead. After the final pause I do a good sweeping motion across all of my face to make sure everything is clean. It automatically shuts off at 3 minutes so you don’t overdue it because it is very relaxing to use.
There you go, hope this information was helpful as you look at buying one for yourself.