Two Days, in Montreal, in November.

Why Montreal over Thanksgiving weekend?

Cheap flights, love of Europe and desire to fly North for the winter!

How to pack in just one carry-on, dress for 30o weather?

Cold, wet weather means layers and weather-proofing for rain and snow/slushies. We wore a weather proof puffer jacket (with a hood) over a light sweater and light boots that had sole grips.

For three days (including travel) we packed three outfits all of which consisted of light sweaters, tights/pants and plenty of undergarments.

We travelled the city with a backpack since we’d immediately need to take off our coats when entering a building because of how well interior climates were managed. It was easier to smush our jackets into our backpacks rather than carry them in our arms. Not to mention carrying water, protein bars/snacks are easier in a backpack than over a shoulder any day!

For hiking days or outdoor strolls, we carried instant hand warmer packets in our gloves that gave us just enough warmth to face a 2 hour hike through Mont-Royal Park.

Our DAY-by-DAY itinerary

Travel ½ days

Snack time at Tim Hortons anywhere – get the Special French Vanilla Latte and any donut item with maple flavoring!

Stroll through your local district based on where your hotel is located.

Check out the Montreal Blog to find out other places that might interest you!

Day 1

Breakfast at Spoon Café – care for a delicious coffee early morning? Check out this gem in downtown along a hilly street filled with characteristics and charm du jour.

Mid-day snack at St-Viateur Bagel – There’s a debate amongst the locals between who makes the better bagel, Fairmount Or St-Viateur? Though we only went to St-Viateur, we recommend you make the attempt at the taste test and check out both!

Lunch to go from a halal restaurant, Azir – we were on our way to parc du Mont-Royal and we came across a halal corner shop along the way. We stopped, grabbed an elaborate plate of sausages and took it to go to eat on a bench during our gratefulness walk.

Sugar Rush at Andrée Chocolats – “Chocolat Andrée is a family story, but it’s also, quite significantly, a story about women.” Check it out to try some of the best chocolate or in our case nougat our palettes have had the pleasure of tasting.

Hike through Parc du Mont Royal – to burn off those carbs of-course! Take the easier long way and enjoy a gratitude walk with a loved one or even just yourself OR challenge yourself to new heights and take the stairs…all..the..way…up! Once your reach the observation deck, you’ll be glad you did! There are cafes there where you can get an espresso or latte to warm your soul.

Dinner at C’ChoColat – Just look at their Instagram page and tell me you’re not salivating…I dare you. We ordered the L’Italienne Crepes and the Pistache Pizzazz. No regrets. None. The sugar high and crash was all very much worth it!

Day 2

Breakfast at Café Myriade – we went to the one in collaboration with Club Monaco. For those of you who know me, you’d realize that this is my equivalent of the age-old ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. It was everything I could have dreamed of.

Stroll through RÉSO – Commonly referred to as The Underground City of Montreal, we roamed, we shopped and we snacked to our hearts content!

Lunch at a Lebanese café in the food court

Gelato Dessert from some corridor that connected to and from somewhere

Dinner at Le Taj – my man loves lamb chops. And having given me an entire afternoon of walking through an underground mall, what better way than to give him the best lamb chops in the area? The chai was meh, but the entrees and naan were entirely worth it!

Evening show of Aura Basilica Montreal – light, orchestral music and grandiose architecture combine to create a unique, three-act multimedia spectacle. All in the cathedral where Celine Dion married!

Stroll through Old Port of Montreal – walk through the historic streets of Montreal to see college students enjoy their evening among boutiques, holiday lights and historic cobblestone paths.