Madinah Al Munawarah



Asalam-o-Alaik Ya Rasool Allah (SAW), Ya Nabi Allah.

Masjid Nabawi

  • Shrine of Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him & his Household
  • Grave of Molatina Fatema al-Zahra [a]. Daughter of the Prophet [s] and wife of Imam Ali [a].
  • Room (hujra) of Sayyida Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her
  • Pulpit (minbar) of the Holy Prophet [s]
  • Prayer niche (mihrab) of the Holy Prophet [s]
  • The Rawda
  • The door (bab) of Archangel Jibrail [a]
  • Maqam of Archangel Jibrail [a]
  • Pillar of Abu Lubaba

Jannat al-Baqi‘. A cemetery in Medina, present-day Saudi Arabia, located to the southeast of the Masjid al-Nabawi.


House of Prophet Muhmmad pbuh and Bibi Fatima s.a

Prophet Muhammad pbuh house front view

Masjid Nabawi Bab Al-Baqee

Masjid Quba – Islam’s first Mosque


Masjid Juma – Where Friday prayers were first made obligatory